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With the improvement of aerogel production technology and the recognition of its many excellent properties by various industries, aerogel materials have been widely used in various fields and gradually penetrated into our daily life. At present, there are many kinds of thermal insulation materials such as household appliances, electronic equipment, heating machinery and appliances, and aerogel has begun to gradually replace traditional thermal insulation materials. With excellent thermal insulation properties, extremely low thermal conductivity, excellent hydrophobicity and good insulation properties, it can be widely used in thermal insulation of various electrical appliances and electric heating elements.


People pay more and more attention to the energy saving of electrical products. At present, electric water heaters, disinfection cabinets, refrigerators, electric ovens, ovens, electric ceramic stoves and other types of electrical products have more and more strict requirements for heat insulation. Such as our commonly used electric water heaters, the thermal protection effect of the water tank will directly affect the energy consumption and capacity. Doing a good job in the heat preservation of the water tank is of great significance to improve the thermal efficiency of the water heater. Under normal circumstances, the water temperature in the water tank of the electric water heater is controlled at 5-7 ℃ within 24 hours of normal temperature. Different insulation materials are also different. The use of aerogel water tank insulation materials can reduce the thickness of the insulation layer, make the water tank space larger, increase the water storage capacity of the water tank or make the product smaller, and optimize the use space of the product. In the case of the same thickness of the insulation layer, the use of aerogel will make the water temperature in the water tank more effective thermally protected, the insulation time will be longer, and the energy consumption will be lower. When designing products, manufacturers can increase the capacity of the water tank while reducing the energy consumption of electric energy, especially in areas with relatively long cold times, the energy saving effect is particularly obvious. Other household appliances such as refrigerators, microwave ovens, induction cookers, ovens, fireplaces, gas stoves, hair dryers, etc., special thermal insulation materials choose aerogel, which can achieve a very thin thickness to achieve good thermal insulation effect.


In the field of consumer electronics, intelligence and thinning have always been the goals. As consumer electronic products become thinner and more functional, the requirements for thermal management of products are also increasing. According to the needs of consumers for product experience, the heat insulation material is used to change the direction of heat in the local heat of electronic products, or the local heat is too high to penetrate and block the heat, or to isolate the heat of temperature-sensitive electronic components. , In this way, the local temperature of electronic products will not be too high and hot to achieve a more comfortable experience after working for a long time. Using aerogel as a thermal insulation material for electronic products can reduce the volume of the equipment as much as possible, and also play a great role in precise temperature control.

Advantages of aerogel insulation materials

Thermal insulation: excellent thermal insulation performance, thermal conductivity at room temperature ≤ 0.02W/(m·K)

Extremely thin and light: low density, thinner than traditional materials, and can adapt to the thin and light design of many home appliances and digital products;

Fireproof and non-combustible: meet UL94-V0 fire rating, can withstand 620 ℃ high temperature;

Durable insulation: heat insulation provides effective insulation protection at the same time, anti-aging, and the service life is greatly increased;

Health and environmental protection: Amorphous nanometer water-based material, in line with REACH, ROSH environmental protection standards.

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