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In recent years, the real estate market has gradually moved towards high quality, and the growth rate of development investment has been maintained at around 10% year after year, which has driven the rapid development of its upstream and downstream markets, especially the building materials market. With the gradual improvement of building energy consumption standards and the gradual establishment of a building energy-saving operation supervision system, more and more buildings have higher standards of lightweight, green requirements and strict thermal insulation requirements. The advantages of thermal resistance, light weight, non-toxicity and easy degradation make it an ideal thermal insulation material for building materials. It is mainly used in wall thermal insulation, thermal insulation coatings and energy-saving glass, and has huge market space and industry prospects.

Most of the existing buildings in my country from the 1990s to 2008 did not take thermal insulation measures, the energy-saving indicators did not meet the standards, and the energy consumption was relatively high. At present, the main building insulation materials used in the market include EPS (polystyrene board), XPS (extruded polystyrene board) and phenolic board, etc., which have defects such as flammability, easy failure, easy falling off, and complicated construction process. As a thermal insulation material, the thermal conductivity of aerogel board can reach 0.013 W/m K at room temperature, only 1/3 of XPS, much lower than other building thermal insulation materials, and has high thermal insulation performance; combustion performance A1 grade , In order to be completely non-combustible material, it solves the huge contradiction that building insulation and fire prevention cannot coexist; the density of aerogel felt or board is less than 200 kg/m³, which is convenient for construction and also reduces the weight of the building. In addition, it also has the function of sound absorption and noise reduction, effectively blocking noise.

Thermal insulation coating is a new type of thermal insulation material. It achieves thermal insulation through low thermal conductivity and high thermal resistance. With its thermal insulation performance, it is very suitable for the technical requirements of thermal insulation coatings. . At present, the development and application of developed countries in the world have become more popular, and there have been a large number of applications in the construction industry and industrial pipelines. Aerogel thermal insulation coating adopts a special process to disperse aerogel powder in special high-performance resin emulsion, or is prepared by compounding with inorganic binder system. When the water in the slurry is volatilized, all the remaining components are Aerogel that can play a hydrophobic and thermal insulation role. After construction, the mechanism of coating cross-linking and film formation enables the dried coating to have excellent thermal insulation properties. In addition, the addition amount is easy to control, the packaging and transportation are convenient, and dust pollution when the powder is added can be avoided.



Aerogel materials can also be used to prepare energy-saving glass, forming a certain replacement for traditional Low-E coated glass. Through two pieces of glass, aerogel is sandwiched in the middle to form a "sandwich" structure, which reduces the heat transfer coefficient from 3W/㎡·K to 0.5W/㎡·K. The sound propagation speed of aerogel energy-saving glass is slower than that of all inorganic materials. The propagation speed of sound in metal and ordinary glass is 500m/s, while in aerogel energy-saving glass, it is only 100-120m/s, which is very good. soundproofing material. In addition, when sunlight passes through the aerogel ultra-energy-saving glass, due to the refraction of the transparent aerogel particles, diffuse scattering of light occurs, avoiding direct sunlight, thereby realizing a comfortable indoor light environment. Aerogel energy-saving glass can be used in buildings with high energy-saving requirements. At the same time, it can replace the general curtain wall glass of high-rise buildings, greatly reducing the weight of the building, and has good thermal insulation, sound insulation, fire protection and other properties. Compared with other types of glass, aerogel glass can help buildings achieve a better balance between energy saving, comfort and environment.

According to professional market estimates, it is estimated that in 2030, the scale of aerogel materials in the building materials insulation market will reach about 2 billion US dollars.


Advantages of aerogel insulation materials

Thermal insulation and energy saving: 3mm aerogel thermal insulation material, its thermal resistance value reaches 0.8-0.9m2*K/W, the thermal insulation effect is equivalent to 60mm traditional thermal insulation board;

Fire protection: The building's fire rating is A1, which is higher than that of traditional thermal insulation materials. In addition, it has strong crack resistance, avoiding thermal expansion and contraction caused by thermal expansion and contraction.

Green and environmental protection: Nano water-based materials, no VOC (volatile organic compounds), non-toxic and harmless. When used indoors, it can effectively replace diatomaceous earth and play the role of absorbing harmful substances;

Simple construction process: The traditional thermal insulation material construction process is 7-15, and the aerogel material construction process is 5. The spraying process is used to effectively reduce the construction difficulty, shorten the construction period, and ensure the construction;

Easy to clean: the surface of the aerogel coating is smooth, the stains are not easy to adhere, and it is convenient for daily cleaning and washing;

Long service life: The service life of traditional materials is 3-5 years, and the service life of aerogel materials can reach 15 years;

Cost-effective: Compared with traditional thermal insulation materials, the cost of aerogel materials is more economical and more reasonable, and the performance of thermal insulation and thermal insulation is more excellent. Under the same conditions, the choice of aerogel coatings is more cost-effective.

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