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2019 is the first year of 5G construction. On December 18, Li Yizhong, former minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and chairman of the China Federation of Industrial Economics, said at the "Looking at the 2020 Financial and Economic Summit" that 5G has now become a hot spot for countries to chase, but To transform 5G technology into real productivity, the first task is the industrialization of 5G technology. With the promotion of 5G applications, 5G infrastructure construction has become a vested gainer of policy dividends, and 5G base stations and 5G smart light poles have successively become new outlets in the market.




The power of 5G communication base station system equipment is getting higher and higher, and the temperature control capability of outdoor base station cabinets is also getting higher and higher. Most of the communication systems are installed in an outdoor unobstructed environment. The effect of sunlight radiation and the heat dissipated by the equipment itself makes the internal temperature of the cabinet relatively high. In addition, the equipment runs under overload and high temperature for a long time, which will reduce the performance of components. , which in turn leads to device failure and affects the stability of the entire system. Using the heat reflection and heat insulation properties of aerogel materials to make a reflective heat insulation film, it can play the role of heat insulation and waterproof, effectively reduce the surface temperature of indoor electrical cabinets and outdoor cabinets, and solve the problem that the existing cabinets generate a lot of heat, and The sun's ultraviolet radiation causes the problem of overheating in the cabinet, which improves its stability and prolongs its service life. At the same time, it can effectively save refrigeration energy and further meet the national requirements for energy conservation and emission reduction.

The acceleration of 5G network construction has also brought large-scale growth to the application of multi-functional smart light poles. Using smart light poles as the hardware carrier, multi-poles are integrated into one, and intelligent road testing equipment such as 5G base stations and high-definition video monitors are mounted to realize the intelligent construction and management of road equipment and facilities. As the "brain" of the 5G smart pole, the chip is the core part of a complete set of smart systems. If it operates for a long time, it must have higher requirements for the cooling system. Using the high heat insulation and high insulation protection characteristics of aerogel materials, the chip During operation, the heat is distributed evenly and there is no heat island effect, so that the smart light pole can operate more stably and efficiently, reducing later maintenance work.



In addition, the rapid development of 5G has also brought about a shortage in the chip market. The insulating film of semiconductor chips is almost entirely monopolized by Germany, Japan and the United States. Our current industrialization level is basically at the level of 110, and that of foreign countries is basically above 150. At present, the insulation of aerogel can exceed 150, which solves the problem of stuck neck. After the 5G era, the power of all chips is getting higher and higher, so the heat generation continues to increase. When it reaches a reasonable and safe level, it needs to be replaced by ultra-thin heat insulation and insulating films, and aerogel is such a core material.

Advantages of Aerogel Insulation Materials

Efficient heat insulation: low thermal conductivity ≤ 0.02W/(m·K), good anti-ultraviolet and function of isolating solar thermal radiation;

Fireproof and hydrophobic: A1 non-combustible standard, water repellency rate N98%, enhance outdoor anti-corrosion ability;

Durable insulation: heat insulation provides effective insulation protection at the same time, anti-aging, and the service life is greatly increased;

Strong compressive resistance: high tensile strength, large elongation, and strong adaptability to the shrinkage, deformation and cracking of the base layer;

Convenient construction: light weight, convenient cutting and processing, short construction period, high efficiency, no maintenance after molding.

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