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  密度:1.75-1.82 g/cm3



  热膨胀系数(RT-500oC ):≤3.0

  磨损率( mm/面·次):1.5%o-2.0%o






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Characteristics and application of thermal insulation materials for new energy?

The development prospect of the new energy insulation material industry is very good, because it brings more benefits to the enterprise when it is used, so it is favored by customers. In order to let everyone be more familiar with it, we will next Let me tell you a little knowledge about him, hoping to help more people. Nowadays, there are still many people who do not know some basic information about thermal insulation materials for new energy. Therefore, as a manufacturer, it is necessary for us to briefly explain. In fact, this thermal insulation material for new energy has nano-level pores and pores. Skeleton particles have excellent thermal insulation properties, and their thermal conductivity generally does not exceed 0.1W/(m·K). It is precisely because of these advantages that it has begun to cause extensive research by refractory workers. Of course, when using it, everyone also needs to be clear that its aerogel is a gel material with a gas dispersion medium. Because of its translucent color and ultra-light weight, it is also called "solid smoke". It is necessary to understand the relevant information before using the thermal insulation material for new energy. It is a recognized thermal insulation and flame retardant material for power batteries. As far as the current situation is concerned. With the increasing emphasis on the safety performance of new energy vehicles, it is undoubtedly a good choice for them to apply aerogel insulation materials to electric buses and new energy cars with high safety performance requirements. The company has done well in every place. And when you look for them, you will find that their reputation and reputation are also very good. Therefore, it has also attracted many well-known companies to cooperate with them for a long time. Because the aerogel has nano-scale pores, the thermal insulation material for new energy can significantly reduce the heat conduction and heat convection of the gas molecules in the material. This is also a problem that everyone must pay attention to when using it. Of course, at the same time, nano-scale skeleton particles can significantly reduce solid-state heat conduction, so the thermal conductivity of the prepared thermal insulation material is usually lower than that of air, but there are some other information to be understood. It also has a relatively small density and elastic modulus, and is an ideal lightweight thermal insulation material. If your industry needs this product, it is recommended that everyone buy this product. Of course, so far, it has developed many kinds of aerogels, including single-phase aerogels, multi-phase aerogels, organic aerogels and carbon aerogels. According to our understanding, it is also found that the size of its pores and skeleton particles are mostly below 100nm, the thermal conductivity is only 0.05W/(m·K), and the heat insulation effect is excellent. In short, its application and market penetration in new energy vehicle power batteries will also surge with the growth of the new energy vehicle industry. Here is some basic information about "the characteristics and applications of thermal insulation materials for new energy?" We will bring more exciting content in the next issue. As long as you pay more attention to our website, you will not miss these knowledge points. I hope it can help relevant people.

Several things must be considered when choosing insulation materials for new energy?

The role of thermal insulation materials for new energy in use is very large. Because of its many advantages, it is deeply loved by everyone. In order to allow users to buy good quality, let's talk about a few things that must be considered when purchasing? If you are also interested, please take a look together. When ordering thermal insulation materials for new energy, a lot of knowledge points are involved. After all, there are still many people who do not know much about this product. In such a situation, people will naturally be fooled. It is easy to buy insulation materials for new energy of poor quality. First of all, when you purchase it, you should know that this product is an effective measure to solve the thermal runaway of power batteries, which can improve the safety of new energy vehicles. Especially in the use of its thermal insulation effect is good, non-combustible, compared with traditional thermal insulation materials, so it is deeply favored by everyone. In fact, no matter it is any product, you must first understand its knowledge points before purchasing. In addition, here we suggest that you need to see what kind of brand production experience they have. When users choose this kind of product, they naturally also need to look at what kind of brand it is. This is mainly because of the current brands on the market. There are many, so the brands that say no are somewhat different when they are used. And some are just about getting in. There are also some manufacturers with a long production history. In fact, we needless to say here that everyone knows that it is only guaranteed to buy from a company with a relatively established time. What is said here is also the basic information that must be understood when purchasing thermal insulation materials for new energy. The thermal insulation material for new energy can better realize the temperature control and electronic control management and improve the performance of the battery when it is used, and play the role of heat insulation and fire prevention. With it, it will help users and passengers to escape the scene and put out fire Buy more time. In addition, users also need to pay attention to the fact that manufacturers with longer production history will have their own advantages, so they naturally need to pay attention in the process. Such manufacturers have better timely . Moreover, you will feel more at ease when using your own thermal insulation materials for new energy. If you don't know how to choose, I suggest you come here to learn. That way there will be no problem. In addition, new energy insulation materials are also very convenient to maintain. So in the future, when purchasing, we should start from this aspect to choose. In short, what you need to know is that more qualified manufacturers have better technology, and at the same time, they will have good technological content in production. The contents of the above article are some methods introduced by the editor on how to choose thermal insulation materials for new energy. Bar. I will continue to talk about it in the next issue. If you have time, remember to come and watch it.

Leaders of the State Key Laboratory of Solidification Technology of the Western University of Technology visited Fanrui

On April 21st, Professor Chen Yuzeng, Deputy Director of the State Key Laboratory of Solidification Technology, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Professor Xu Yadong, Deputy Director, and Associate Professor Tan Tingting, Director of the Office, visited Fanrui Yihui for research and negotiation. Fanrui Yihui Chairman Yao Dongjia and Deputy General Manager Zhao Yan extended a warm welcome to the leaders of the group.

Fanrui Shining Aerogel Team won the honorary title of "Gongyi Worker Pioneer"

On April 29, Fanrui Shining Aerogel Team was awarded the honor of "Gongyi Worker Pioneer" issued by Gongyi Federation of Trade Unions. The achievement of this honor is an affirmation of the work achievements of the Fanrui Shining Aerogel Group, and it is also a spur to the company's long-term development in the future.

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